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Located on the remote, windswept Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic ocean, Faer Isles Distillery will be one of the most northerly whisky distilleries in the world. Using the old named used of the islands featured on old maps, for maturation, we are bringing whisky to where it belongs: to the unspoiled and unbelievable Faroe Islands.

This is the vision, and we want to realize it by inviting all whisky enthusiats around the world to join us on this journey.


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Faer Isles Whisky

Faer Isles Whisky will be funded by whisky enthusiast worldwide, so we invite you all to become a part of this exceptional project. Become a Faer Founders’ Club member and get a reward package of three special edition bottles of spirits, discounts, and special offers for exclusive tastings and events.


  • Heygsbreyt 5
    100 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

  • Email : kg@faer.fo

  • Website : www.faer.io

  • Vision by Faer Isles Distillery. All rights reserved 2019

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