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A collectors first in the Crypto Whisky era.

Faer Isles Whisky will be funded by an Initial Coin Offering(ICO) the coin will be converted to a bottle of 3 year old whisky in 2023. We will offer our first vintage whisky as a special edition for anyone wanting to acquire a number of bottles for their private collection, consumption or as a trade investment and a true collectors item in the new era of crypto spirits. The FAER Isles Whisky First Vintage Coin will be a Single Cask 3 Year Old Single Malt Faroese Peated whisky matured on bourbon casks.

This is the vision, and we want to realize it by inviting all whisky- and crypto-enthusiats around the world to invest and join us on this journey.


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About Us


Faer Isles Whisky

The wild, untouched Faroe Islands are unique. Located remotely in the North Atlantic, in the cleanest waters in the world. The rough ocean provides salty winds in abundance, which creates the perfect condition for aging whisky. Produced in our distillery and matured in our warehouse placed between untamed nature and the unfathomable beauty of The Faroe Islands. Here FAER ISLES WHISKY is born, in perfect surroundings.

Faer Isles Whisky will be launching our own crypto currency coins based on blockchain technology(ERC-20), the coin will be trade-able directly from the Faer Isles Whisky website after the ICO . The crypto coin will be regulated with respect to current and upcoming regulations in the EU and US. Faer Isles Whisky Vintage edition will be the worlds first Crypto funded distillery with unique serialized cask, bottle and ERC-20 smart Contract HEX number printed on the bottle label. A collectors first in the crypto whisky era.


  • Heygsbreyt 5
    100 T├│rshavn, Faroe Islands

  • Email : kg@faer.fo

  • Website : www.faer.io

  • Vision by Faer Isles Whisky. All rights reserved 2019

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